The Benefits of Spray Insulation

Spray insulation is a newer approach to attic insulation. The main benefit of this method is that the work required to install it is fairly easy.

spray insulation

The most basic form of this type of insulation is called Spray Foam. This is basically a form of foam that is sprayed into the air to form a layer that is thick enough to make up the thickness of the rafters of your attic. This sheeting then is baked, dried, and shaped into a form that will fit into the attic where it will form a significant part of the attic.

There are a number of benefits to using Spray Foam. One is that it can be cut to the desired shape and size which allow for complete placement of the insulation. Another is that there is little to no maintenance required once it has been installed.

However the biggest advantage of this type of insulation is that you do not have to place any drainage within the attic. Instead, the foam is spread and the excess is allowed to blow out of the top of the roof. This is completely unnoticeable and since it is spread and blown out of the attic, this method will need to be done every year to ensure that it remains effective.

The best part about Spray Foam is that you will not have to do much work. All you have to do is spray the foam, heat it up, and let it set. Once it has set, you simply spray again and repeat the process until the insulation is the thickness that you desire.

For those that are concerned with the overall cost of spray foam, you are going to be pleased to know that you do not have to pay for it. Rather, you will get the rebate on the installation as long as you take your rebate offer through.

Once you have finished installing the insulation, all you have to do is dust it off, add an absorbent coating, and you are done. That’s it. It will then remain in place permanently.

Unfortunately, many people are not familiar with Spray Foam and do not consider it as an option when it comes to attic insulation. However, you should consider this as an option if you are worried about the appearance of your attic.

The biggest advantage to spray foam is that it does not require the use of any other insulation within the attic, whether it is metal wood or a combination of materials. If you want to keep the appearance of your attic, then Spray Foam is the way to go.

So if you are thinking about the difference between Spray Foam and other types of insulation, you should be able to decide which method is right for you. If you decide to go with the Spray Foam, you can choose any color that you would like to see on your roof.

Since it is a dry product, it will have an even surface on which to apply the paint product and and is easy to work with. Many people choose this option and have found that it is the perfect choice for their needs.